Champion Bay Bed and Breakfast


When you want to feel like you are at home during a vacation, one simple solution is to stay at a beautiful bed and breakfast. Geraldton, which has amazing scenery thanks to the location on the coastline of Australia, is the perfect destination for your next holiday. Great weather, scenic views and hospitable locals make it the ideal spot to spend a few days unwinding throughout the year, and the affordable accommodations make it even better.

The Champion Bay Bed and Breakfast is a hundred-year-old historical house within walking distance to the beach and many of the amenities in Geraldton. The family-owned bed and breakfast gives you the comforts of home so you can relax and enjoy yourself while on holiday. The owners of the house have a plethora of knowledge about the area, making them the perfect resource to use whether you want to eat at the most delicious restaurant in town or hike through a national park during an outdoor excursion.

Within the Champion Bay Bed and Breakfast, there are five bedrooms – two of which are suites with private bathrooms. The remaining rooms have a variety of features, such as a tower room with amazing views or access to the verandah. The non-suite bedrooms have a shared bathroom. Included in the nightly price is continental breakfast, or homemade breakfast from the owner of the house.

When you are not staying at the home, stroll into Geraldton to do some sightseeing or shopping. The Champion Bay Bed and Breakfast is a short five-minute walk from the town, so you can easily meet up with friends or family and grab dinner or pick up a souvenir from a local shop to send home.

When you want to venture a little further from the bed and breakfast, there are plenty of day trip ideas you can include in your holiday that are fun and inexpensive. Drive to the countryside to have lunch or taste wine at a local winery, rent a car and check out the spectacular coastline and native plants or flower, or spend a day visiting the local museums and art galleries. The beautiful beaches are a perfect spot to surf and swim in, or get the blood pumping with sail boarding. Once you have worked up an appetite, be sure to enjoy a meal of rock lobster or crayfish, as Geraldton is known for its delicious shellfish.

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