What You Didn’t Know about Geraldton, Australia

Did you know that the Australian Defense Satellite Communications Station is situated on the island near Geraldton? We didn’t think you did. As a matter of fact, do you know where Geraldton, Australia is located? We didn’t think you’d know that either. We’ll make it easy for you. Geraldton is the capital of Western Australia’s immense Midwest territories.


Here’s a few more things we bet you didn’t know about Geraldton. It’s an incredibly friendly town that offers a variety of amusements, attractions, accommodations and tours to individuals visiting Western Australia. The city itself is home to many outdoor activities including windsurfing, kite surfing, fishing and diving. Its miles of beautiful beaches and shorelines offer visitors the ultimate in crystal-clear, turquoise waters that can’t be found short of the Caribbean.


Geraldton’s weather makes it a very popular tourist destination for not only native Australians, but international travelers hoping to escape the ravages of winter.  The city offers mild winter temperatures and balmy autumn days. Even the heat of summer days are cooled by sea breezes, and wildflowers bloom like crazy in the spring. Settled in the mid-1800s, Geraldton is named after former governor of Western Australia Sir Charles Fitzgerald.


Geraldton is home to more than outdoor pleasures and adventures. It’s a source of Australian heritage and culture, found in the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage, the Old Goal Museum and Crafts Center, and the St. Francis Xavier Cathedral. Whether you’re looking to enjoy aboriginal art or contemporary art galleries, Geraldton offers it all.


In Chapman Valley nearby, visit the Okabella Homestead or the Chapman Valley Museum at Nanson. The Point Moore Lighthouse is an icon, overlooking the Indian Ocean. Built in 1878, it rises over 34 meters and it’s light beam can be viewed over 26 kilometers out to sea. The Geraldton Lighthouse Keepers Cottage is also a popular tourist destination, built in 1876. It operated until the mid-1940s, and today the cottage is home to the Geraldton Historical Society.


Visitors to Geraldton may also enjoy a number of unique tours that can’t be found anywhere in the world. Divers explore submerged caves, dive on artificial reefs and in the clear and beautiful waters of the Abrolhos Islands. Tour a live lobster factory, or spend the day kite surfing. Visitors can also enjoy the venture of in-land adventures through four-wheel drive and camping tours.


It can truly be said that Geraldton offers visitors from around Australia, or the world, some of the most exciting, historically significant and beautiful venues for both indoor and outdoor entertainment in all of Western Australia.



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