Finding Adventure in Geraldton, Australia

The city of Geraldton is located north of Perth along the beautiful western coastline of Australia, and the eastern shores of the Indian Ocean. As one of the furthest westernmost cities in Australia, Geraldton (now known as Geraldton-Greenough), is the state’s second largest city.


Located in Australia’s Midwest, Geraldton has the honor of serving as a literal gateway to the beautiful and much traveled tourist destination of the Abrolhos Islands. In Geraldton, you’ll find something for everyone, from rodeos to “retail therapy”, meaning plenty of shopping, and more than a handful of water-based activities due to its location on the ocean’s coastline. Whether you’re into fishing or bird watching, horse racing, golf or lawn bowling, Geraldton offers visitors to the region plenty of entertainments.


Shall we talk about food? Food in Geraldton ranges from fish and chips to the best in seafood dining. Whether you’re in the mood for Thai, Italian, or native Australian foods, Geraldton offers something to please every palate. Restaurants with names like Barnacles on the Wharf, to the Walkaway Tavern offer a variety of menu and bistro items.


Visitors to the area will also enjoy the multitude of tours that the area offers.  Charter flights to the Abrolhos Islands and places like Monkey Mia and the Murchison River Gorges are the most popular, but so are live lobster factory tours, wildflower tours and tours that encompass sightseeing with the best in shallow water sports, free diving and deep-sea diving opportunities.


For the more adventurous, take a few lessons at a kite boarding school, or take surfing lessons. Combine your water sports with four-wheel drive and camping tours. Really, your opportunities to have fun in Geraldton are only limited by your imagination, and, of course, your budget.


Remember when booking tours as well as activities like kite surfing classes or diving classes in the area, book ahead of time, especially during busy holiday vacations. Most bookings must be paid in full within 48 hours of the service confirmation and are not guaranteed until payment has been received. Call the service or company to verify tour dates, hours of operation, and expectations when it comes to pay, especially if you’re traveling internationally.


Geraldton is a beautiful city that offers a variety of things to do, based on geographical features, and the time of the year. With a Mediterranean climate, visitors to Geraldton  enjoy mild winters and comfortable summers, thanks to the sea breezes that continually roll in from the Indian Ocean.

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