Western Australia Vacation Destinations

One of the most popular and visited cities in Western Australia is Geraldton, the capital of Western Australia’s Midwest. Located on the Batavia coastline, and approximately 260 miles north of Perth, Geraldton offers a unique blend of past and present. The popularity of the town is mainly due to its gorgeous weather, with Australia’s highest annual average of warm, sunshiny days. It doesn’t hurt that Geraldton is located at the most perfect coast and beach location in Australia.


One of the most popular sites around Geraldton is the coral reef, which is home to one of the most popular tours and excursions, famous for its snorkeling and scuba diving instructors and tour guides. The coral reef is exquisitely beautiful, but is also one of the most dangerous along the western coastline of Australia, having done its part in sinking many sailing ships over the past centuries. Some of the most interesting and notable shipwrecks are exhibited at the nearby town museum.


Geraldton offers some of the best fishing in the world, and fishermen flock to the region not only for deep-sea fish, but shellfish delicacies including crayfish and lobster. As a matter of fact, the crayfish harvest is one of the main industries in Geraldton. It’s also known as the lobster capital of Australia. Famous for rock lobster, harvesting and exporting this special seafood delight is also one of the major industries in Geraldton, and tours of the Brolos Lobster and Geraldton Fishermen’s Company Operative Lobster Facility are also extremely popular.


Because Geraldton¬†offers a miles of white, sandy beaches, it’s also a favorite for boogie boarders, surfers, and windsurfing. High winds along this section of Australians western coastline make it a perfect location for windsurfing. Visitors may be surprised to find many of the smaller trees around Geraldton growing parallel to the ground due to the strong and consistent winds through the area. Some of the most popular beaches for windsurfing in Geraldton include St. George’s, Sunset and Coronation beaches.


Visitors can reach Geraldton by driving due north from downtown Perth, a roughly five hour journey. Perth Airport also offers a variety of domestic as well as international terminals for travelers wishing to vacation along Western Australia’s most beautiful section of coastline.


If you have an opportunity to visit Western Australia, don’t forget to put Geraldton on your list of cities to see. It offers a wide diversity of accommodations, dining, and indoor and outdoor entertainment to please just about everyone, whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple, or as a family.

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