Enjoying the Water in Geraldton, Australia

The city of Geraldton, Australia offers so many activities and fun things to do for both landlubbers and sea lovers, but it’s hard to describe them all at once. Geraldton is located on the western coastline of Australia, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. History, traditions, and land-based activities are just a few of the amenities that draw thousands of people to the city every holiday.

However, Geraldton offers more than enough water-based activities for sea lovers, including diving academies, several day chartered trips to nearby islands, fishing excursions, and of course, the best in snorkeling, boogie boarding, and surfing.

Whether you just want to lie on the beach, soak in the rays and listen to the gentle pound of surf on sand, or you actually want to get into the water and explore its deeper depths, Geraldton offers it all. In Geraldton, you can go deep-sea fishing or deep-sea diving.  Enjoy the best in shallow water sports and free diving. Take surfing lessons or spend a day or two underwater exploring their beautiful coral reef. Grab your gear and go scuba diving with some of the best scuba diving tour guides and instructors in Australia.

Snorkeling is a favorite pastime of many when visiting Geraldton, whether you’re 15 years old or 85. Snorkeling schools and tours are very affordable, and offer family members memories they’ll never forget. Check out the options on the Internet before you travel, and book your reservations

Geraldton offers a variety of beaches, each beautiful in its own right: Coronation Beach, Flat Rock, and Back Beach offer some of the best windsurfing, parasailing, and kite surfing in the country. Pages Beach offers pristine and calm waters and playgrounds for a more family-oriented experience. While you’re there, you can see and visit the Point Moore lighthouse, which has stood on its location since the late 1870s.

The miles of pristine, white and sandy beaches of Geraldton are wonderful to sink your toes into, and the fresh and constant gentle ocean breezes offer respite against the warm summer sun. Geraldton is nicknamed “Sun City” for a very good reason, offering the best in accommodations, dining, and water sports and activities for all ages and skill levels.  Find out for yourself by visiting Geraldton. Soak in some sun, settle into the sand, stick your feet in the water, and relax.

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