Escape to Geraldton, Australia

Whether you live in Australia or traveling to Australia from abroad, narrowing down your choices for vacation spots might provide more of a challenge than you imagined.  Australia offers some of the most beautiful landscape, cities, and water as well as land-based activities to entertain young and old alike. One of the most popular tourist destinations on the western coastline of Australia is located a mere 263 miles north of Perth.

Geraldton is a beautiful, relaxing, seaside city (the state’s second-largest) that offers both the amenities of a city, yet the seclusion, relaxation and calmness of a remote resort.  Traveling to Geraldton provides visitors a variety of tours, attractions and accommodations for singles, couples, and families looking to get away and enjoy some fun in the sun. A multitude of cafés and restaurants provide culinary delights, from street vendors to the best in gourmet dining. The city itself is one of the most friendly in Australia, basking adjacent to  warm Indian Ocean waters. Greater Geraldton is located on Champion Bay, along a stretch of what is known as the Batavia coastline.

A short distance away across the water, visitors can traipse through the Houtman Abrolhos Islands, one of the worlds most beautiful and awe-inspiring marine regions in the southern hemisphere. The Mediterranean climate of Geraldton draws visitors from around the world, where winters are mild, autumn evenings are comfortable, and even the heat of an Australian summer is cooled by the sea breezes that flow inland off the ocean every day.

The city of Geraldton was founded in 1850 and known for its farming and agriculture.  The port offers a multitude of water-based activities including kite surfing, fishing, surfing, and of course, lazy day sunbathing. An interesting fact about Geraldton is that the Batavia coast was named after a ship that ran aground on the islands across the bay in 1629. Before visiting the area, take the time to research the history of that shipwreck and the mutiny that followed.

A variety of attractions in Geraldton, including those focusing on natural wonders of the area, heritage and culture of the city and its surroundings, as well as markets and outdoor activities offer an exquisite getaway for families. A variety of tours also provide hours of entertainment and education, both in land, on the water, and under the water. Explore what Geraldton has to offer, and you’ll find yourself wanting to come back again and again.

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