Everything You Need to Know About Geraldton, Australia

If you’ve been thinking about the perfect vacation destination, but nothing has come to mind, one place to consider is Geraldton.  This beautiful city is only 424 km from another major city in Australia — Perth.  The close proximity of Perth to Geraldton means you can fly or take a beautiful, scenic road trip along the Indian Ocean to arrive at your destination in Geraldton.  If you don’t prefer to take a road trip, a flight is only an hour away and takes you over some of the most beautiful areas of Australia.  If you’re looking for a scenic destination the coastline, Geraldton is the place for you.

Anyone who loves water sports or just getting outdoors will appreciate the proximity to the water and beautiful beaches found in Geraldton.  Visitors to the city enjoy a plethora of activities including kite surfing, snorkeling, surfing and windsurfing just to name a few.  In being outdoors isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of shopping destinations, attractions and restaurants to enjoy as you stay in the Geraldton caravan parks.  Spend a day walking around the amazing shops in the city or take a day trip to the surrounding islands to get fabulous views, photographs or breathtaking underwater photos from one of the many marine areas.

There is no bad time to visit Geraldton, Australia.  The mild Mediterranean climate means it is perfect year round – ranging from mild winters to cool summers and enhanced by amazing water temperatures.  Just the beauty that surrounds Geraldton is spectacular and makes for the perfect once in a lifetime trip.  A variety of tours takes you around the city and displays many of the attractions best known in the area.  Whether you want to take an air charter tour to the nearby islands to spend time on a romantic day trip or you want to go on a wildflower or lobster tour, there is something for everyone.  No trip to Geraldton is complete without exploring underwater – and there are tours for that, too.  Diving courses, under water tours of submerge caves and reefs are just some of the things you can choose to do while you’re in Geraldton.

While many people choose to visit the larger cities in Australia, such as Sydney or Brisbane, a trip to Geraldton allows you to enjoy the surrounding beauty with all the amenities you want on a vacation.

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