Fun Filled Tours in Geraldton, Australia

Going to a new destination is always fun because you have an opportunity to see new surroundings – but what about when you want to see things off of the beaten path? That’s where arranged tours come in handy – they take the stress away from you having to plan and find fun things to do and if you’re new to the area, some of the opportunities might not even present themselves to visitors. Tours are affordable in Geraldton for the whole family, and they really appeal to all interests and hobbies.

When making a reservation, trips must be paid for at least 48 hours before you can expect to arrive for the tour. If the full payment hasn’t been received, don’t expect to go on the tour that day – so always pay in advance. No sense in ruining a holiday because you didn’t pay the tour guide on time! Tours that aren’t paid within 48 hours of the reservation will be canceled – and know what you want to do before scheduling a reservation because changes to the itinerary will cost you an administration fee. Suppose you get to Geraldton without any tour ideas – you can easily call and set up same day reservations over the phone and enjoy the day with friends and family.

That being said, here are some of the amazing tour options to consider next time you’re in Geraldton, Australia:

Geraldton Air Charter – See beautiful Geraldton from the skies above with a chartered plane to Monkey Mia, Murchison River Gorges or Abrolhos Islands. Want to plan a romantic getaway for that special someone? Custom charters fly anywhere you want them to.

Batavia Tours – Spend the day touring lobster factories, or enjoy the surroundings with town or wildflower tours. Wildflower tours offer spectacular scenic areas you are sure to only find around Geraldton. Tours also transport you to and from the airport, if needed.

KiteWest Kiteboarding School – If you love water activities, no trip to Geraldton is complete without taking kite surfing lessons. Lessons offer safe training and equipment to get out and enjoy the sun and water! Surfing lessons and scuba diving are other water activities offered through various tour groups in Geraldton.

Visitors to Geraldton will enjoy these amazing tours. Spend time exploring outside of your Geraldton accommodations to see what the city truly has to offer. Water and land lovers will definitely find plenty to do!

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