Geraldton has it all!

As it starts to get colder in the northern hemisphere, Australia is a perfect location to take a holiday to enjoy the warm sandy beaches, mild summer temperatures and exquisite ocean water.  One city to consider is Geraldton, which is 450 kilometers north of Perth, the capital of Western Australia.  This magnificent city is close to the coastline, so visitors have pristine ocean views and can still enjoy the gorgeous rolling hills on the other side of the city.  Whether you want to go on holiday and sit back and relax, or you like to stay active with the variety of outdoor activities or tours, Geraldton literally has it all!

The city is easy to access from around the world, and the most common way to get to Geraldton is to fly into Perth with one of the major airlines: SkyWest and Qantas.  Once you arrive in Perth, there are daily flights that take vacationers directly to Geraldton.  If you don’t want bother with the hassle of a car hire, taxi services are available, and if you plan on just relaxing in Geraldton a taxi might be the best option.  Once you arrive in the city, there are plenty of accommodation options to fit within your budget or needs.  Beautiful accommodations are centrally located to many of the scenic spots in Geraldton whether you want to spend the day at the beach or walk around shopping, dining and experiencing what Geraldton has to offer.

Tour the town of Geraldton or go on daily excursions to see fabulous destinations — such as on a wildflower tour, or enjoy the beauty of Western Australia by air as you take an air charter to nearby locations around Geraldton, such as the Murchison River Gorgers or Abrolhos Islands.  An air charter is the perfect activity to participate in while you are visiting Geraldton.  After you’ve come in to the city after partaking in water activities or simply exploring the surrounding areas, enjoy one of the many cafes and restaurants that serve local favorites or international cuisines.

If you want to visit Western Australia, and you don’t want to deal with larger, more populated cities, Geraldton is the perfect option because it has all of the big city amenities without large touristy crowds.  There is something for everyone in this beautiful city and you will definitely not be disappointed in your choice to visit.

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