Off the Beaten Track in Geraldton, Australia

Geraldton  is one of Australia’s largest cities, located right in the middle of Western Australia’s midwest. Yes, Geraldton is one of those “middle” childs, located along to western coastline roughly 400 miles north of Perth, Western Australia’s capital city.  Geraldton is known as one of the fastest-growing regional cities in the country, first settled in 1850. Today, the city hosts thousands of vacationers drawn to its perfect waterside location, its laid-back atmosphere, its fun things to do and of course, it’s great food.

However, Geraldton also offers a variety of other points of interest and things to do, depending on your preferences. As a historical city, architectural and historical landmarks and locations throughout Geraldton and the surrounding communities provide a wealth of information for visitors. One of the most beautiful architectural structures in the city is the Catholic Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier.

While you’re strolling around Geraldton, don’t forget to stop into the Western Australian Museum, which has a complete wing filled with shipwrecks, along with stories of some of the most famous shipwrecks and collections of recovered historical artifacts and memorabilia in the southern hemisphere.

Another memorial located in Geraldton is the HMAS Sydney II Memorial, honoring over 600 Australian soldiers who died off their coastline in a battle during 1941. The shipwreck was only discovered in 2008, and the Geraldton Voluntary Tour Guides Association offers daily tours to the memorial. Search for the HMAS Sydney II began in 2001. After its discovery, the ship was completely investigated utilizing ROV (remotely operated vehicles), utilizing the high-tech equipment to bring the men and the history of the Sydney to life.  The memorial is located on Mt. Scott. The site, above Geraldton, overlooks both the city and the Indian Ocean in the distance. The memorial honors the Sydney’s last battle, it’s sinking, and the loss of all her 645 men. The memorial is surrounded by a Pool of Remembrance that provides a dignified and heartwarming view to the Dome of Souls, its Eternal Flame, and statues of women looking out to sea, waiting for the return of their loved ones.

One of the most interesting sites you’ll see in or around Geraldton are ‘The Leaning Trees’. These Red River Gum trees have stood firm against strong southerly winds for so long they’ve actually grown on an angle. You’d have to see them to believe it.

At any rate, Geraldton will surprise you – in more ways than you can imagine.

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