Geraldton – Kite Surfing Capital of Australia

Australia is a beautiful continent, but it would take years to see everything that Australia has to offer. If you were to put on a blindfold and point your finger at any spot in Australia, you’d be lucky if your finger landed on Geraldton. Geraldton is located on the western coastline of Western Australia, roughly 420 km north of Perth. It’s a beautiful area, filled with exciting and wonderful things to do by yourself, with your significant other, or your family.

As a port city, Geraldton is a natural location for not only fishing, but due to its topography, for mining, farming, and sheep raising. It’s also one of the most beautiful cities and regions in Australia for tourism. Geraldton has quite a bit of history to go with it too. It’s rumored that one of the first Europeans to tour the area was a man named George Grey, in the late 1830s. After the discovery of lead on the Murchison River by explorer Augustus Gregory ten years later, more people flocked to the area and a mine was established. The town of Geraldton was officially founded in the year 1850.

Today, the Geraldton has an approximate population of 37,000 inhabitants, and is the home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, including St. George’s Beach.  Geraldton is also home to the St. Francis Xavier Cathedral as well as some of the most popular surfing spots in the world, including Sunset Beach, Flat Rocks, and Coronation Beach.

For those who want to get under the water instead of right on top of it, plentiful diving sites to wrecks are found off the coast, and deep sea fishing, kite surfing, board surfing and snorkeling are popular pastimes.

One of the things that draws of the most tourists to Geraldton is its Mediterranean, semi- arid climate. It doesn’t get much better than this. Mild winters, mild summers, and a few rainy days here and there keep the weather in check. Geraldton is nicknamed, ‘The kite surfing capital of the world’, and they accept that nickname with pride.

This blog article is much too short to even attempt to define the accommodations, tours, historical sites and things to do in Geraldton. Actually, it’s something you have to experience for yourself to believe it. Come to Geraldton and discover one of the jewels of Australia for yourself.

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