Geraldton – Visitors Come for Peace and Quiet

Geraldton is located at the western coastline of Australia, the ultimate destination for travelers, vacationers, or those just looking for some peace and quiet.  The locale, the soft ocean breezes, the warm sand between the toes and the plentiful indoor and outdoor activities found throughout the town and surrounding region are the perfect getaway spot.

Geraldton is rich in Australian history as well as modern culture. You’ll find something from the past, the present and the future when you travel to Geraldton. It doesn’t matter whether you’re visiting famous shipwrecks, historical museums, or standing in the middle of the wilderness just looking around, you’ll find the essence of Australia in Geraldton.

Geraldton is a famous and well known escape destination for Western Australians, but that doesn’t mean it’s overrun with kitschy tourism or crowds year-round.  As a matter of fact, Geraldton, despite its popularity, is one of the most relaxing destinations that you can find in all of Western Australia. In Geraldton, you can enjoy water-based activities such as surfing, scuba diving, wreck diving, or simply sunbathe on miles and miles of pristine coastline. If you’re up for a little more adventure, try horseback riding, four- wheeling, or hiking in surrounding hills, and when you reach the top, inhale, sigh, and enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding you.

If you’re not up for hiking, outdoor adventure or water-based activities such as windsurfing, Geraldton offers something right up your alley – historical sites, museums, shopping, and of course, a diverse range of street fare as well as gourmet dining opportunities.

Geraldton offers something for everyone, and every age group. Seniors as well as thirtysomethings are just as likely to enjoy Geraldton as a couple on their honeymoon, or the folks celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary. Young or old, picky or easy-going, Geraldton offers the best of all worlds when vacationing.

Because of its versatility, location and beautiful weather, Geraldton has always been, and will continue to be, a favorite travel destination for native Australians as well as international travelers. Actually, the location couldn’t be any better suited to tired and weary travelers, vacationers, or couples just wishing to get away for a few days.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a shopper or an outdoorsman – Geraldton is the place for you to come relax, rejuvenate and recharge your batteries. One thing is for certain; you won’t be disappointed by the experience.

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