Where in the World Is – Geraldton?

Do you know where Geraldton is? Did you know that it’s in Australia, along the western coastline to be exact? Most non-Australians don’t know about Geraldton, but you’re missing out on one of the best cities in the world. Geraldton is known as the kite surfing capital of the world, so if you’re up to a little water sporting adventure, come to Geraldton. However, Geraldton offers much more than just kite surfing to visitors and residents alike.

Geraldton’s topography provides a number of exciting opportunities for visitors, from sea wreck diving to snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and of course, just lazing around on the beach catching a few rays. Geraldton also offers plenty of inland excitement, including horseback riding, hiking, four-wheeling, and camping. Geraldton has some of the most mild and gorgeous weather and with mild winters. In the summertime, Geraldton averages 88 to 90° with a near constant sea breeze that cools things down quite nicely and, of course, gives the town its nickname. Winter or summer, Geraldton is a great place to visit.

Geraldton is located approximately 263 miles north of Perth, and you can’t miss it when driving north along the western Australian shoreline. If you’re in the area, don’t neglect this seaside town that offers you some of the best Australia has to offer. Geraldton is known for many things, not just her water sports. She’s a tourism hub, as well as home to many mining, fishing, and agricultural endeavors. Don’t be surprised to find herds of sheep along the roadway or even crossing the road while you drive, so slow down!

Geraldton is home to many notable Australians including the first woman elected to the Australian Parliament, Edith Cowan. Author Randolph Stow, upon whose novel “The Merry-Go-Round in the Sea” was based in 1940s-era Geraldton. AFL footballer Chris Mainwaring of the West Coast Eagles also calls Geraldton familiar territory.

Don’t be surprised to find movie stars from around the world taking advantage of the wonderful seaside and land-based activities, entertainments, foods and excitement to be found in Geraldton. The city offers something for everyone and all ages. The port city is busy, but not busy enough to be annoying or of noxious for visitors and travelers. As a prime windsurfing location, Geraldton has certainly put her name on the map.  Come find out for yourself – Geraldton will stick in your mind forever!

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