A Trip Abroad – Geraldton!

Geraldton can be an excellent holiday option if you want to be enclosed by scenic beaches, a perfect distance from the Indian Ocean and soaking up the sun — warm days and mild nights are amazing reasons to come to Geraldton in the summer and winter. Because of the prime location, water sport enthusiasts may engage in outdoor activities like kite surfing and windsurfing any time of year. The location is an excellent place to explore with loved ones and friends, and be sure to live like a local when walking around the neighborhood points of interest of fabulous Geraldton.

When you come to the city, stroll around the farmers market to sample delicacies from nearby farms and locations, or look for goods to hand out as unique holiday gifts – or just buy something for yourself!  Diverse arts and crafts are shown off each Saturday during the month  – this is a great chance to buy something local and one of a kind.

When you’re done visiting the local market, find something to eat at a nearby restaurant in Geraldton – you won’t be disappointed! The close location to the ocean means you have a great selection of seafood – and the variety of ethnic dishes in the city gives you plenty of choices to satisfy any craving.

Should you be arriving in Geraldton around the holiday season, there are various rooms to choose from to suit your needs — as well as price range. Rooms provide numerous styles regarding size, amenities or location – comfort and convenience are two things found throughout Geraldton. During the summer, a stay in a caravan park close to the ocean is a perfect way to enjoy the fresh air and save some money.

If you want to be in Geraldton for more than a week, a rental is an appropriate, affordable alternative. Within the city, you can find accommodations to choose from in numerous destinations, whether you want something close to the beach or prefer more privacy inland.

Accommodation options, activities and points of interest are almost endless within Geraldton. There is so much to see and do; you don’t have to worry about being restless or without an amazing activity. Whether you plan to stay for a week or a month, you will grow to love Geraldton just like the locals – the beautiful setting and relaxed lifestyle makes it a perfect option to get away on holiday!

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