What Do you Need for Camping?

With warmer weather to enjoy throughout Geraldton, now is a perfect time to head to one of the caravan parks for a few days out in nature. Whether you love camping or you want to stay in a caravan parks around the city, they have plenty of amenities so you don’t feel like you are out there alone in the wilderness. Before you leave, you should prepare your bag for a variety of the fun activities Geraldton has to offer – from snorkeling and diving to just strolling the lovely streets of the city – there is plenty to see and do in Geraldton. If you are on a budget, try going to a caravan park instead of a pricey hotel. You’ll save money and there are many amenities to use while you’re there, including bathhouses, swimming pools, hot tubs, picnic areas and laundry facilities. You don’t even have to travel far to grab a bite to eat! Some caravan parks have convenience stores nearby, or offer great foods from restaurants and bars.

To ensure you have what you need during your stay in Geraldton, be sure to pack for a variety of situations. While the weather is amazing in the city, with warm mild days and cool nights, be sure to pack lightweight clothing just in case it gets unseasonably cool at night or a stray thunderstorm passes through when you least expect it. If you are expecting to go out hiking, bring plenty of socks to wear and change, just in case you get wet.

Of course, coming to the port city of Geraldton means enjoying the water so be sure to bring a bathing suit and plenty of sunscreen. There is nothing worse than being sun burnt on your first day of vacation – you won’t feel very comfortable being out in the sun after that!

For those coming to a caravan park to “rough” it in a tent, you will want to have the typical amenities of camping – cooking utensils and stove to use at the picnic area, storage container for snacks or drinks you purchase along the way, and insect repellant. Camping is fun, if that is what you like to do, and while many caravan parks in Geraldton offer you the comforts and amenities other campgrounds do not, it’s always best to have a first aid kit and food in the car – just in case!

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