What Can I do in Geraldton?

It’s not just about what you can do in Geraldton, but what you can also do in the outskirts of this amazing city. When you are in this gorgeous location, you’ll want to be outside and enjoy the points of interest and sounds that this coastal village has to offer. One option to enjoy the location and surrounding areas is through various Geraldton Air Charter trips, which offer day excursions to a few of the surrounding island destinations and points of interest. If you need to go above and beyond (literally!) when you are in town, check out any of the numerous services offering trips to the Abrolhos Islands or other beautiful destinations.

The experienced tours fly to various destinations, where tourists enjoy scenic overflies of designated areas. The chartered flight includes an in-depth tour with pilots offering a fun and historical commentary as you fly over such places. Some visitors say that flying overhead offers a distinct vantage point – one you won’t find anywhere else! Here are just some of the activities you could expect to do on any number of the tours:

•             Morning or afternoon beverages
•             Snorkeling (usually around beautiful coral reefs – a must do in Australia!)
•             Walks to various points of interest
•             Nature walks
•             Swimming

Air charters usually operate out of the Geraldton Airport. The location of Geraldton is ideal – it’s close to many Australian cities, such as Perth, and using this charter company is perfect for those who would like to see beautiful areas that aren’t maintained by more substantial airlines – a safe way to see Australia off the beaten path.

Check the weather before heading out to see if any inclement weather is headed your way. Flights to the surrounding points of interest will likely be cancelled if the weather isn’t looking good. While that’s a drag, it’s for your safety! When going on a day trip, be sure to pack the following:

•             Camera
•             Shoes (athletic style fit for walking)
•             Hat
•             Sunscreen
•             Bathing suit (for those moments at the beach)

Whether you need to go for a half-day or maybe an entire day excursion, there are plenty of options depending on your budget and restraints on time. The next occasion you are near the Coral Coast, consider taking an air chartered flight to see some of the beauty Australia has to offer outside of the city.

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