Geraldton – A Beautiful Place to Visit!


While most travelers from around the world head on into Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne usually, it’s the lesser known destinations that always take people by surprise. Geraldton is a gorgeous option when you want to enjoy all of the beauty and amenities Australia has to offer without the hustle and bustle of a big city. Australia’s major cities are great to visit – but during the high season like summer, they can become quite crowded. Here are a few simple facts about Geraldton, then you can decide if it’s worth considering when planning for a holiday:

Location – Only a four-hour drive from Perth, Geraldton is a beautiful place to visit and just getting there is an adventure in itself. Being 424km from Perth, you can both drive after picking up a car hire and enjoy the sights along the stunning Indian Ocean as you make your way to Geraldton, or hop on a short hour long flight if you want to spend as much time in Geraldton as possible. Its place on the Champion Bay gives visitors and residents alike a fabulous view and plenty of scenery.

Features – Australia is known for its wide range of geographical features, and Geraldton is no different. This beautiful city is best known for its stunning sandy beaches and views – water sports are well known and loved in this area. Partake in a variety of activities, such as kite surfing, windsurfing or just laying out and soaking up the sun! Geraldton is a perfect place to head south and visit when the northern hemisphere is feeling icy cold. While visiting Geraldton itself is nice, there are small islands a short distance away from the city – so you can have your island getaway in the same trip!

Weather – Of course, Australia is known for its amazing weather!  While visiting in summer is ideal, the truth is, Geraldton’s weather is mild and ideal year–round, so you can visit anytime. Mild winters and warm summers cooled with the ocean breeze make it a perfect place to visit – and the spring is equally as beautiful, as visitors have the pleasure of seeing all of the magnificent wildflowers coming into bloom.

These three factors make a trip to Geraldton ideal! Whether you are looking for luxury accommodations or plan to camp out in a caravan park, the city has everything you need – regardless of budget!

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