Local Markets in Geraldton

There is such an appeal with visiting local markets on a beautiful summer morning – and if you come to Geraldton, you are in luck because there are many weekend markets to choose from on most mornings! Get outside to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the city, soak in the sunshine and pick up an artisan craft made by a local, pick up fresh produce to use in your meal or sit back with a great meal and take in the live music or entertainment provided by musicians!

Each weekend, Geraldton markets go from eight in the morning to noon – and whether you are a resident or visitor of the city, you are sure to find unique gifts and treats during any visit. On Saturday mornings, head over to Maitland Park to pick up a great assortment of wines, honey, meat and fish, locally grown produce, olive oil and cheeses to create a delicious dish. Many are turning to locally grown organic food to become more health conscious, so purchasing goods from a farmers market is a great way to stimulate the local economy, help small and family owned farms and get the best ingredients your money can buy! If you want to create spectacular vinaigrette for your summer salad, what better way to do it than with artisanal olive oils? You will find ingredients and products at a farmers market you won’t find anywhere else.

On Sundays, head over to the Geraldton Railway Markets, held from eight in the morning until noon behind the Railway Station on Chapman Road. A delicious assortment of product, canned specialties and artisan blends are available for purchase.

In Geraldton, it’s not just the farmers markets you have to visit – there are also plenty of craft markets! On different Sundays each month, various craft markets are held throughout the city so you can find that perfect gift or souvenir to send home. Check the Geraldton Visitor Centre to find out which Sunday craft market is located at a designated location and be sure to add it to the list of places to visit. Around the world, craft and farmers markets give residents and visitors alike a chance to go back to a simple time – one where you walked to a local market and purchased a few goods for a delicious meal. Whether you want to buy something or not, don’t make a trip to Geraldton without visiting one of these gems!

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