Getting Married in Geraldton

When you are planning a destination wedding, do you want somewhere with gorgeous landscape, coastal scenery and all of amenities of a large city without the crowds? Then add Geraldton to the list! This beautiful city is an amazing place to say ‘I do’ and the venue options and real estate give you plenty of variety depending on where you want the ceremony or reception to take place. Here are some of the most beautiful venues to think about – they appeal to a wide range of tastes and match any budget:

Bentwood Olive Grove – Thousands of olive trees surround the lush landscape of the Bentwood Olive Grove a short drive outside of Geraldton. If you are looking for a beautiful Mediterranean vibe, this location is perfect and features landscaped groves, garden and patio settings and lovely views. Catering is done on site and features a changing menu to incorporate local, seasonal foods.

Lavender Valley Farm – Found in Chapman Valley just a short drive from Geraldton, the Lavender Valley Farm is simply stunning! If you want an Italian countryside-like setting, surrounded by lush lavender gardens then this is the place you must come and be married. The Lavender Valley Farm provides an ideal setting for both a reception and ceremony, providing an intimate and picturesque setting for any wedding.

Nukara – For those looking to escape from the everyday venue, Nukara is a great place to think of when planning the wedding. Natural landscape and beautiful trees surround the venue to provide a rustic and romantic feel. Nukara is found in the Chapman Valley a short drive from Geraldton – the perfect escape when you want a true destination wedding.

Posh – This stunning venue and function centre is an ideal place to hold a wedding ceremony and reception site. Short for Port Outside Starboard Home, Posh uses a nautical theme in its venue decor, which also features the Geraldton Yacht Club. Those who want something close to the city are sure to enjoy the options found at Posh.

There are so many places to be married in Geraldton! These venues offer an alternative to the beautiful event and ballrooms at the lovely hotels, and many offer catering on site or help with decor. Before spending money traveling to the other side of the world, consider coming to Geraldton for amazing getaways and locations – it will be well worth the change in plans!

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