Packing for a Caravan Trip

Geraldton is the perfect place to enjoy some time in the sun and sand – but if you don’t want to spend money on expensive accommodations, there are plenty of caravan parks to use as a place to rest. Between the number of water activities and things to do in town, it does not make sense to spend a lot of money on a hotel if you don’t plan to spend a lot of time there. Caravan parks are convenient, clean and come with enough amenities to make your stay comfortable. While recreational vehicles are known to be spacious and roomy, it is important to pack what you need and leave the extra things at home. Here is a suggested list of what you should be packing for a caravan trip:

  • Changes of clothes – Geraldton is a substantial city so you could bring only a few changes of clothes and then wash them as needed at a laundromat. Bring shorts, shirts, bathing suits and a couple of warmer items just in case the weather dips into more mild temperatures. Better to be over prepared, but not overstuffed.
  • First aid kit – Being outdoors is always fun, but there are more chances for injury to occur. Whether you scrape your knee during a hike or you are sunburned after a day out in the water, be sure to include sunscreen, bandages or first aid spray. Anything more than that and you should likely visit a doctor or hospital in town. If you are coming to Geraldton on holiday, travel insurance might be a good idea to protect you should you need to visit a hospital – medical costs are expensive everywhere!
  • Kitchen utensils – Eating at the caravan park will save a lot of money over dining out, but you need to make sure you bring the proper equipment. A few pots or pans will allow you to make anything you need, while serving utensils, plates and cooking gadgets ensure you can actually eat what you make. If you forget something, don’t be too upset – you’ll likely be able to purchase it in Geraldton.

Packing for a holiday is always a stressful time, but when you go to a populated city like Geraldton you don’t have to worry too much about leaving something behind because you can always purchase it in town. Pack the essentials and leave the rest at home!

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