Packing for a Caravan Trip

Geraldton is the perfect place to enjoy some time in the sun and sand – but if you don’t want to spend money on expensive accommodations, there are plenty of caravan parks to use as a place to rest. Between the number of water activities and things to do in town, it does not make sense to spend a lot of money on a hotel if you don’t plan to spend a lot of time there. Caravan parks are convenient, clean and come with enough amenities to make your stay comfortable. While recreational vehicles are known to be spacious and roomy, it is important to pack what you need and leave the extra things at home. Here is a suggested list of what you should be packing for a caravan trip:

  • Changes of clothes – Geraldton is a substantial city so you could bring only a few changes of clothes and then wash them as needed at a laundromat. Bring shorts, shirts, bathing suits and a couple of warmer items just in case the weather dips into more mild temperatures. Better to be over prepared, but not overstuffed.
  • First aid kit – Being outdoors is always fun, but there are more chances for injury to occur. Whether you scrape your knee during a hike or you are sunburned after a day out in the water, be sure to include sunscreen, bandages or first aid spray. Anything more than that and you should likely visit a doctor or hospital in town. If you are coming to Geraldton on holiday, travel insurance might be a good idea to protect you should you need to visit a hospital – medical costs are expensive everywhere!
  • Kitchen utensils – Eating at the caravan park will save a lot of money over dining out, but you need to make sure you bring the proper equipment. A few pots or pans will allow you to make anything you need, while serving utensils, plates and cooking gadgets ensure you can actually eat what you make. If you forget something, don’t be too upset – you’ll likely be able to purchase it in Geraldton.

Packing for a holiday is always a stressful time, but when you go to a populated city like Geraldton you don’t have to worry too much about leaving something behind because you can always purchase it in town. Pack the essentials and leave the rest at home!

Getting Married in Geraldton

When you are planning a destination wedding, do you want somewhere with gorgeous landscape, coastal scenery and all of amenities of a large city without the crowds? Then add Geraldton to the list! This beautiful city is an amazing place to say ‘I do’ and the venue options and real estate give you plenty of variety depending on where you want the ceremony or reception to take place. Here are some of the most beautiful venues to think about – they appeal to a wide range of tastes and match any budget:

Bentwood Olive Grove – Thousands of olive trees surround the lush landscape of the Bentwood Olive Grove a short drive outside of Geraldton. If you are looking for a beautiful Mediterranean vibe, this location is perfect and features landscaped groves, garden and patio settings and lovely views. Catering is done on site and features a changing menu to incorporate local, seasonal foods.

Lavender Valley Farm – Found in Chapman Valley just a short drive from Geraldton, the Lavender Valley Farm is simply stunning! If you want an Italian countryside-like setting, surrounded by lush lavender gardens then this is the place you must come and be married. The Lavender Valley Farm provides an ideal setting for both a reception and ceremony, providing an intimate and picturesque setting for any wedding.

Nukara – For those looking to escape from the everyday venue, Nukara is a great place to think of when planning the wedding. Natural landscape and beautiful trees surround the venue to provide a rustic and romantic feel. Nukara is found in the Chapman Valley a short drive from Geraldton – the perfect escape when you want a true destination wedding.

Posh – This stunning venue and function centre is an ideal place to hold a wedding ceremony and reception site. Short for Port Outside Starboard Home, Posh uses a nautical theme in its venue decor, which also features the Geraldton Yacht Club. Those who want something close to the city are sure to enjoy the options found at Posh.

There are so many places to be married in Geraldton! These venues offer an alternative to the beautiful event and ballrooms at the lovely hotels, and many offer catering on site or help with decor. Before spending money traveling to the other side of the world, consider coming to Geraldton for amazing getaways and locations – it will be well worth the change in plans!

Geraldton – A Beautiful Place to Visit!


While most travelers from around the world head on into Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne usually, it’s the lesser known destinations that always take people by surprise. Geraldton is a gorgeous option when you want to enjoy all of the beauty and amenities Australia has to offer without the hustle and bustle of a big city. Australia’s major cities are great to visit – but during the high season like summer, they can become quite crowded. Here are a few simple facts about Geraldton, then you can decide if it’s worth considering when planning for a holiday:

Location – Only a four-hour drive from Perth, Geraldton is a beautiful place to visit and just getting there is an adventure in itself. Being 424km from Perth, you can both drive after picking up a car hire and enjoy the sights along the stunning Indian Ocean as you make your way to Geraldton, or hop on a short hour long flight if you want to spend as much time in Geraldton as possible. Its place on the Champion Bay gives visitors and residents alike a fabulous view and plenty of scenery.

Features – Australia is known for its wide range of geographical features, and Geraldton is no different. This beautiful city is best known for its stunning sandy beaches and views – water sports are well known and loved in this area. Partake in a variety of activities, such as kite surfing, windsurfing or just laying out and soaking up the sun! Geraldton is a perfect place to head south and visit when the northern hemisphere is feeling icy cold. While visiting Geraldton itself is nice, there are small islands a short distance away from the city – so you can have your island getaway in the same trip!

Weather – Of course, Australia is known for its amazing weather!  While visiting in summer is ideal, the truth is, Geraldton’s weather is mild and ideal year–round, so you can visit anytime. Mild winters and warm summers cooled with the ocean breeze make it a perfect place to visit – and the spring is equally as beautiful, as visitors have the pleasure of seeing all of the magnificent wildflowers coming into bloom.

These three factors make a trip to Geraldton ideal! Whether you are looking for luxury accommodations or plan to camp out in a caravan park, the city has everything you need – regardless of budget!

Local Markets in Geraldton

There is such an appeal with visiting local markets on a beautiful summer morning – and if you come to Geraldton, you are in luck because there are many weekend markets to choose from on most mornings! Get outside to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the city, soak in the sunshine and pick up an artisan craft made by a local, pick up fresh produce to use in your meal or sit back with a great meal and take in the live music or entertainment provided by musicians!

Each weekend, Geraldton markets go from eight in the morning to noon – and whether you are a resident or visitor of the city, you are sure to find unique gifts and treats during any visit. On Saturday mornings, head over to Maitland Park to pick up a great assortment of wines, honey, meat and fish, locally grown produce, olive oil and cheeses to create a delicious dish. Many are turning to locally grown organic food to become more health conscious, so purchasing goods from a farmers market is a great way to stimulate the local economy, help small and family owned farms and get the best ingredients your money can buy! If you want to create spectacular vinaigrette for your summer salad, what better way to do it than with artisanal olive oils? You will find ingredients and products at a farmers market you won’t find anywhere else.

On Sundays, head over to the Geraldton Railway Markets, held from eight in the morning until noon behind the Railway Station on Chapman Road. A delicious assortment of product, canned specialties and artisan blends are available for purchase.

In Geraldton, it’s not just the farmers markets you have to visit – there are also plenty of craft markets! On different Sundays each month, various craft markets are held throughout the city so you can find that perfect gift or souvenir to send home. Check the Geraldton Visitor Centre to find out which Sunday craft market is located at a designated location and be sure to add it to the list of places to visit. Around the world, craft and farmers markets give residents and visitors alike a chance to go back to a simple time – one where you walked to a local market and purchased a few goods for a delicious meal. Whether you want to buy something or not, don’t make a trip to Geraldton without visiting one of these gems!

Finding the Best Deal on Geraldton Accommodations

When you are traveling to Geraldton, chances are you are coming for the amazing views, weather and scenery – it’s what most people want to see when they visit! Whether you are coming to Australia while the Northern Hemisphere experiences a cold, dreary winter or you want to come when it’s mild and cool in the Southern Hemisphere, Geraldton is becoming one of those secret places that aren’t so secret anymore. More and more people are discovering Geraldton, which means rooms and accommodations are more in demand and getting more expensive. Here are a few ways to find the best deal on your Geraldton accommodations:

Plan ahead – No matter where you go, the longer you wait to make arrangements, the less chance you have of finding a great deal. If you plan to visit Geraldton at a certain time of year, start making preparations and plans at least six months in advance. Making reservations at least six months in advance means you have better prices, more choices of rooms and plenty of time to make the rest of your travel itinerary.

Compare travel sites – Travel websites, such as Travelocity or Expedia are becoming more known and often the first place many go to make arrangements. Such travel websites allow you to compare prices and options, meaning you get the best deal possible. Check around a few times – sometimes these websites offer special pricing or discounts on already discounted rooms. That means more savings for you!

Share the cost – Sometimes, a vacation home or rental is a better deal than a hotel. Look and see what home rentals cost for the week – if you find a large enough home and don’t want to take on the cost alone, try inviting friends or family to go with you so they that split the cost. That makes it cheaper for everyone! Often, apartments or rentals are available year round and come with rooms, kitchens and more amenities that a hotel room.

Vacations are never cheap, but there is no reason you can’t try to save money where you can. Check out caravan parks around Geraldton if you need additional savings. The beautiful weather makes it ideal to camp out under the stars without worrying about inclement weather or cold – and what better way to enjoy beautiful Australia and the beach than by sleeping under the stars?

What Can I do in Geraldton?

It’s not just about what you can do in Geraldton, but what you can also do in the outskirts of this amazing city. When you are in this gorgeous location, you’ll want to be outside and enjoy the points of interest and sounds that this coastal village has to offer. One option to enjoy the location and surrounding areas is through various Geraldton Air Charter trips, which offer day excursions to a few of the surrounding island destinations and points of interest. If you need to go above and beyond (literally!) when you are in town, check out any of the numerous services offering trips to the Abrolhos Islands or other beautiful destinations.

The experienced tours fly to various destinations, where tourists enjoy scenic overflies of designated areas. The chartered flight includes an in-depth tour with pilots offering a fun and historical commentary as you fly over such places. Some visitors say that flying overhead offers a distinct vantage point – one you won’t find anywhere else! Here are just some of the activities you could expect to do on any number of the tours:

•             Morning or afternoon beverages
•             Snorkeling (usually around beautiful coral reefs – a must do in Australia!)
•             Walks to various points of interest
•             Nature walks
•             Swimming

Air charters usually operate out of the Geraldton Airport. The location of Geraldton is ideal – it’s close to many Australian cities, such as Perth, and using this charter company is perfect for those who would like to see beautiful areas that aren’t maintained by more substantial airlines – a safe way to see Australia off the beaten path.

Check the weather before heading out to see if any inclement weather is headed your way. Flights to the surrounding points of interest will likely be cancelled if the weather isn’t looking good. While that’s a drag, it’s for your safety! When going on a day trip, be sure to pack the following:

•             Camera
•             Shoes (athletic style fit for walking)
•             Hat
•             Sunscreen
•             Bathing suit (for those moments at the beach)

Whether you need to go for a half-day or maybe an entire day excursion, there are plenty of options depending on your budget and restraints on time. The next occasion you are near the Coral Coast, consider taking an air chartered flight to see some of the beauty Australia has to offer outside of the city.

A Trip Abroad – Geraldton!

Geraldton can be an excellent holiday option if you want to be enclosed by scenic beaches, a perfect distance from the Indian Ocean and soaking up the sun — warm days and mild nights are amazing reasons to come to Geraldton in the summer and winter. Because of the prime location, water sport enthusiasts may engage in outdoor activities like kite surfing and windsurfing any time of year. The location is an excellent place to explore with loved ones and friends, and be sure to live like a local when walking around the neighborhood points of interest of fabulous Geraldton.

When you come to the city, stroll around the farmers market to sample delicacies from nearby farms and locations, or look for goods to hand out as unique holiday gifts – or just buy something for yourself!  Diverse arts and crafts are shown off each Saturday during the month  – this is a great chance to buy something local and one of a kind.

When you’re done visiting the local market, find something to eat at a nearby restaurant in Geraldton – you won’t be disappointed! The close location to the ocean means you have a great selection of seafood – and the variety of ethnic dishes in the city gives you plenty of choices to satisfy any craving.

Should you be arriving in Geraldton around the holiday season, there are various rooms to choose from to suit your needs — as well as price range. Rooms provide numerous styles regarding size, amenities or location – comfort and convenience are two things found throughout Geraldton. During the summer, a stay in a caravan park close to the ocean is a perfect way to enjoy the fresh air and save some money.

If you want to be in Geraldton for more than a week, a rental is an appropriate, affordable alternative. Within the city, you can find accommodations to choose from in numerous destinations, whether you want something close to the beach or prefer more privacy inland.

Accommodation options, activities and points of interest are almost endless within Geraldton. There is so much to see and do; you don’t have to worry about being restless or without an amazing activity. Whether you plan to stay for a week or a month, you will grow to love Geraldton just like the locals – the beautiful setting and relaxed lifestyle makes it a perfect option to get away on holiday!

What Do you Need for Camping?

With warmer weather to enjoy throughout Geraldton, now is a perfect time to head to one of the caravan parks for a few days out in nature. Whether you love camping or you want to stay in a caravan parks around the city, they have plenty of amenities so you don’t feel like you are out there alone in the wilderness. Before you leave, you should prepare your bag for a variety of the fun activities Geraldton has to offer – from snorkeling and diving to just strolling the lovely streets of the city – there is plenty to see and do in Geraldton. If you are on a budget, try going to a caravan park instead of a pricey hotel. You’ll save money and there are many amenities to use while you’re there, including bathhouses, swimming pools, hot tubs, picnic areas and laundry facilities. You don’t even have to travel far to grab a bite to eat! Some caravan parks have convenience stores nearby, or offer great foods from restaurants and bars.

To ensure you have what you need during your stay in Geraldton, be sure to pack for a variety of situations. While the weather is amazing in the city, with warm mild days and cool nights, be sure to pack lightweight clothing just in case it gets unseasonably cool at night or a stray thunderstorm passes through when you least expect it. If you are expecting to go out hiking, bring plenty of socks to wear and change, just in case you get wet.

Of course, coming to the port city of Geraldton means enjoying the water so be sure to bring a bathing suit and plenty of sunscreen. There is nothing worse than being sun burnt on your first day of vacation – you won’t feel very comfortable being out in the sun after that!

For those coming to a caravan park to “rough” it in a tent, you will want to have the typical amenities of camping – cooking utensils and stove to use at the picnic area, storage container for snacks or drinks you purchase along the way, and insect repellant. Camping is fun, if that is what you like to do, and while many caravan parks in Geraldton offer you the comforts and amenities other campgrounds do not, it’s always best to have a first aid kit and food in the car – just in case!

Geraldton – Western Australia’s “Go to” Vacation Spot

Whether you live in Australia, or are just visiting, there is one Western Australian city that you just have to visit someday.  Geraldton is a port city smack dab in the middle of the western coastline of Australia, just over 400 kilometers north of Perth. It’s one of the most visited cities along the western coastline, mostly by vacationers looking for some well-deserved R&R.

Geraldton looks over and out into the Indian Ocean, and provides numerous entertainment, activities, things to do and see, and of course, to eat in all of Western Australia. Geraldton is the second largest city in the state, and while it has its share of hustle and bustle, is also one of the most interesting travel destinations you can imagine.  Geraldton is home to numerous attractions, tours and other functions for visitors that will keep you and your family busy for days. Both indoor and outdoor activities are plentiful, and due to its location, extremely accessible by plane, ship, car, or bus.

There’s plenty to see in Geraldton, including miles of gorgeous beaches, the Maritime Museum, the Marine Terrace markets (held on the first and last Sundays of every month) and the HMAS Sydney Memorial.  If you’re looking for action, check out the variety of skating parts throughout the city, as well as the Aquarena, which offers a giant water slide. Go surfing at Back Beach, or visit a surfing school that focuses on teaching groups to surf, and also offers camping on the beach.

When it comes to accommodations, Geraldton has a wide range of options, from camping to five-star hotel accommodations. Three of the most popular include the Comfort Inn Geraldton, rated 3.5 stars with 40 rooms, or the Mantra Geraldton, located at the tip of Champion Bay Marina. The Mantra accommodates twenty-four 1, 2, or 3-bedroom apartments. The All Seasons Geraldton provides 60 rooms, a cocktail bar, an in-hotel restaurant and a pool.

Campgrounds are plentiful for those who would rather sleep under the stars. Beach camping is also an adventure that you’ll never forget. Whether you’re traveling by yourself, that special partner, or your family, there is something in Geraldton for every taste, passion, and interest. If you want to see enough to keep things interesting, but not so busy that you’ll feel stressed, Geraldton is the perfect vacation destination that offers the amenities and comfort your looking for, and the perfect atmosphere for that restful vacation you’ve looked forward to.

Geraldton – Visitors Come for Peace and Quiet

Geraldton is located at the western coastline of Australia, the ultimate destination for travelers, vacationers, or those just looking for some peace and quiet.  The locale, the soft ocean breezes, the warm sand between the toes and the plentiful indoor and outdoor activities found throughout the town and surrounding region are the perfect getaway spot.

Geraldton is rich in Australian history as well as modern culture. You’ll find something from the past, the present and the future when you travel to Geraldton. It doesn’t matter whether you’re visiting famous shipwrecks, historical museums, or standing in the middle of the wilderness just looking around, you’ll find the essence of Australia in Geraldton.

Geraldton is a famous and well known escape destination for Western Australians, but that doesn’t mean it’s overrun with kitschy tourism or crowds year-round.  As a matter of fact, Geraldton, despite its popularity, is one of the most relaxing destinations that you can find in all of Western Australia. In Geraldton, you can enjoy water-based activities such as surfing, scuba diving, wreck diving, or simply sunbathe on miles and miles of pristine coastline. If you’re up for a little more adventure, try horseback riding, four- wheeling, or hiking in surrounding hills, and when you reach the top, inhale, sigh, and enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding you.

If you’re not up for hiking, outdoor adventure or water-based activities such as windsurfing, Geraldton offers something right up your alley – historical sites, museums, shopping, and of course, a diverse range of street fare as well as gourmet dining opportunities.

Geraldton offers something for everyone, and every age group. Seniors as well as thirtysomethings are just as likely to enjoy Geraldton as a couple on their honeymoon, or the folks celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary. Young or old, picky or easy-going, Geraldton offers the best of all worlds when vacationing.

Because of its versatility, location and beautiful weather, Geraldton has always been, and will continue to be, a favorite travel destination for native Australians as well as international travelers. Actually, the location couldn’t be any better suited to tired and weary travelers, vacationers, or couples just wishing to get away for a few days.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a shopper or an outdoorsman – Geraldton is the place for you to come relax, rejuvenate and recharge your batteries. One thing is for certain; you won’t be disappointed by the experience.